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Quality System

At Maxxam, data integrity and quality are clear priorities. Thanks to our rigorous Quality System, our customers can have complete confidence in every piece of data we generate. Over 40 QA managers, specialists and coordinators reinforce Maxxam’s Quality Management System through on-going monitoring, training and documentation. To ensure its independence, integrity and effectiveness, Maxxam’s QA group reports to the National Director of Quality and Environment, Health & Safety who reports directly to Maxxam’s CEO. Our Quality Program is designed to comply with or exceed the data quality objectives of the industry, Canadian Regulators, U.S. EPA and the International Standards Organization (ISO/IEC 17025). Our stringent quality adherence strategy is supported through participation in many relevant national and international accreditation programs, licensing by government bodies and proficiency testing and double blind check sample programs.

Double Blind Program

Maxxam’s Double Blind Program was implemented to measure the quality of data and service provided to customers and to support our on-going commitment to excellence. The program involves using a sample from a recognized proficiency testing provider and disguising it as a client sample so that the lab staff is completely unaware their performance is being evaluated. The disguised samples are sent to Maxxam as regular samples; once the required testing is completed, the results are assessed by Maxxam’s Quality Assurance Department for turnaround time (TAT), data accuracy and traceability. This program best simulates lab performance for real client samples and gives us a benchmark for continuous improvement.


Maxxam has received a Ford Motor Company Laboratory Quality Award for several years in a row. These awards are a testament to the consistent and timely work performed by Maxxam for this multinational client and are a testament to the value of our internal Quality Management System. The Ford Laboratory Quality Awards are based on four performance standards: overall quality, first-time quality, service and meeting program requirements.

  • 2016 – Maxxam awarded “Best All Around Quality” in the Ford Laboratory Program.
  • 2014 – Maxxam awarded “Best All Around Quality” in the Ford Laboratory Program.
  • 2013 – Maxxam awarded “Best All Around Quality” in the Ford Laboratory Program.
  • 2012 – Maxxam awarded “Best Double Blind Analytical Results and Fast Turn-Around-Time”.
Quality System

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