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Food Manufacturers

Maxxam provides identification and quantification of an extensive scope of pesticides, veterinary drugs and trace heavy metals in a wide array of food products.

  • Microbiology and shelf life testing of food
  • Nutritional analyses for Canadian and US markets
  • Identification and assay analysis of active components in dietary supplements and natural Health products (NHP)
  • Label claim analyses of vitamins, minerals, active components in NHPs and Dietary supplements
  • Drug residue testing in seafood for QMP Importers and aquaculture products
  • Veterinary drug residue analysis in meat, dairy, honey, syrups, processed foods, etc.
  • Pesticide Analysis in fresh produce and processed foods
  • Environment contaminant analyses (PAH, PFC, OP, OC, PCB) in food
  • Analysis of agricultural chemicals on raw agricultural commodities (RAC) from field crop trials according to GLP
  • Gas testing for package evaluation
  • Pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCP) in water
  • Contract method development

Other services Maxxam provides to food manufacturers include:

  • Effluent water testing for regulatory requirements
  • Drinking water microbiological analysis
  • Mycotoxin Analysis
  • Allergen Analysis