Maxxam provides the mining industry with comprehensive analytical testing services including water, soil and air quality parameters. Analytical testing ranges from metal leaching and acid rock drainage, to Ecotoxicology services and environmental chemistry.

We are accredited for specific analytical tests related to mining test regulations and requirements. Along with being accredited for tests such as environmental chemistry and acid mine drainage, below is an excerpt of the laboratory’s current scope of accreditations:

  • Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc. (CALA) – ISO 17025: 2005
  • Enhanced Water Quality Assurance, UBC Department of Pathology and Laboratory
  • Medicine – Microbiology scope of testing
  • Standards Council of Canada (SCC)– ISO 17025: 2005
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) – IHLAP

In 2008, Maxxam completed an extensive upgrade and expansion of its Acid Rock Drainage and Ecotoxicology Facilities.

The new 5000 square ft space features:

  • 9 temperature & photoperiod controlled rooms
  • 2 growth chambers
  • 560 square ft of dedicated fish testing space
  • Soil & sediment preparation room

These upgrades significantly enhance Maxxam’s Acid Rock Drainage and Ecotoxicology testing capabilities.