Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Maxxam provides a suite of analytical services and solutions to the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries to help address their regulatory compliance and research needs. From examining trace impurities in raw materials and finished drug products to developing and validating methods to measure chemical impurities in medical devices (extractables/leachables studies), our contract analytical testing services are in high demand.

Development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical, bio-pharmaceutical and medical devices requires strict adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our Burnaby laboratory is recognized as an SCC-certified, OECD GLP-compliant facility and is regularly inspected by the U.S. FDA. We also are licensed by Health Canada to GMP standards. Maxxam’s Customer Service and Quality Assurance team welcomes current and prospective customers to audit our operation at any time.



Maxxam’s Product Testing group has over 20 years experience providing expert analytical chemistry characterization of raw materials, drug substances and finished products. These service offerings support our clients in four main areas: Analytical R&D, Process Development, Formulation, and Quality Control.

Maxxam has successfully solved demanding analytical problems faced by our customers. We have an outstanding reputation for delivering analytical solutions and results on time and on budget. Examples of recent project successes include:

• Quantifying silicone in pre-filled syringes
• Establishing uniformity of antibacterial coating on catheters
• Detecting antifoam in biologics
• Detecting residual catalyst in peptides
• Identifying contamination in ophthalmic solutions & implantable lenses

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