Welcome to our new resource centre for Drinking Water Testing. North Island Labs has been acquired by Maxxam Analytics, the leading laboratory in Canada for the environmental, food, energy and DNA industries.

Welcome to Maxxam’s resource centre for Drinking Water Testing for home owners. On this page you will find the information needed to submit your samples to Maxxam for testing, guidance on how to read your report and helpful links on water quality protection.

Chain of Custody form (COC) An accurately and fully completed Chain of Custody (COC) form is how we record important information about your sample, and provides us with the correct contact information for reporting your results. Results are reported as pdf documents via email.

COC forms must be completed and submitted each time samples are delivered to the laboratory.

Please see attached example for help on filling out the COC.

Safe to drink? Maxxam provides a certificate of analysis. This tells you if the parameters tested for in your sample meet the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The siting, construction and maintenance of the drinking water supply, in conjunction with a water test, are important considerations for determining the safety of the water supply.

The documents to the right as well as the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines provide guidance for testing typically performed on drinking water samples.

How much does it cost? This depends on what you would like us to test for. Maxxam has put together packages of the most common tests. The Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines list many other tests. Please review the summary table to determine if you require any additional testing beyond what is provided in the packages. Contact the lab to confirm sample requirements for tests not listed.

Payment is required when you submit the sample.
Where do I get bottles? It is important to use the correct bottles when submitting samples to the laboratory. Bottles are available at any of the laboratories and also at several locations on Vancouver Island.

Sample submission guidelines Please follow the sampling instructions on the COC.
Fill all bottles provided by the lab.

Keep cold during transit.

Samples need to arrive at the lab within 24hrs of sampling. Deliver in person or use an overnight courier.
How to read your report Click on the example report. We have added “plain language” explanations to all the sections.

My results do not meet guidelines. Now what? Contact your local Health Authority.

Ensure that there are no problems with the construction of your well. BC’s Ministry of Environment Ground Water Resource Material page is an excellent source of information.

Most water quality issues can be addressed by treatment. Bring your test results to a water treatment specialist in your area.

Contact us Should you have any questions on this process or any other need that Maxxam can assist with, please contact us at dwbc@maxxam.ca
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