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Radiochemical Analysis

Maxxam is a leader radiochemical analysis in the environment with over 30 years of experience.

The primary source of radioactivity in the environment is naturally-occurring radioactive materials (NORM). These levels may be enhanced through oil and gas production or mining and beneficiation. Anthropogenic isotopes are also created through human activities, such as nuclear power generation and the use of medical isotopes.

Analysis of radioactivity is important for monitoring the health of the environment, characterization of waste, site remediation, and compliance with regulations in mining, manufacturing and power generation.

Radiochemical analysis applications:

  • Environmental (assessments, surveys, monitoring)
  • Mining (baseline studies, process streams, metal mining effluent regulations)
  • Nuclear Power Generation (environmental monitoring)
  • Drinking Water (including MOE regulated)
  • Clean-up / Remediation
  • Waste Characterization (including Cote S calculation for the Hazardous Materials Regulation, Environment Quality Act of Québec)
  • Agriculture & Food Testing
  • Research

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