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Radionuclides in Drinking Water

For Provinces other than Ontario

Maxxam can provide determinations for over 70 radionuclides in drinking water for compliance to Canadian or U.S. or WHO guidelines.

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Water samples may be initially screened for radioactivity using techniques for gross alpha and gross beta activity determinations, subject to the limitations of the method. Compliance with the guidelines may be inferred if the measurements are less than 0.5 Bq/L for gross alpha activity and less than 1 Bq/L for gross beta activity.

Package Method Detection Limit
Gross Alpha
Gross Beta
Gas Flow Proportional Counting 0.1 Bq/L

If screening levels are exceeded, Maxxam can provide cost-effective recommendations for identification and quantification of the specific radionuclides. Lower detection limits and all other drinking water radioisotopes are available.

Radionuclide(s) Method Detection Limit Federal MAC
Tritium Liq. Scint. Counting 100 Bq/L 7000 Bq/L
Radium-226 Alpha-Spectrometry 0.01 Bq/L 0.6 Bq/L
Lead-210 Beta-Counting 0.1 Bq/L 0.2 Bq/L
Iodine-131 Gamma Spectrometry 1 Bq/L 6 Bq/L
Cesium-137 Gamma Spectrometry 1 Bq/L 10 Bq/L
Strontium-90 Beta-Counting 0.2 Bq/L 5 Bq/L
Total U-238 Neutron Activation 1 ug/L 20 ug/L

For more information see the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality: Guideline Technical Document – Radiological Parameters.

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