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Radiological Analysis: RADON

Maxxam has provided analysis for radon in air for over 25 years.

Radon in Air

For rapid assessment, we recommend the short-term electret detectors. These are put in place for 2 to 5 days and allow for a rapid evaluation of the radon level. This short-term test is ideal for a snap-shot assessment of radon, particularly suited for real estate transactions.

Radionuclide Method Detection Limit
Radon-222 Electret Ion Chamber 10 Bq/cu.m

For longer term evaluation (one to six months), we recommend the “LT electret detectors” – using the same method, and with the same detection limit but over a longer time period. For accurate determination of radon concentrations Health Canada recommends measurement for a minimum of three months, ideally in the fall / winter timeframe.

Radionuclide Method Detection Limit
Radon-222 Electret Ion Chamber 10 Bq/cu.m

The Health Canada regulatory guideline for residences recommends retesting with a view to possible remedial action if the level is above 200 Becquerels per cubic metre.

Government of Canada Radon Guideline
Canadian Guidelines for Management of NORM – see sec. 4.2


Radon in Water

Radionuclide Method Detection Limit
Radon-222 Gamma Spectrometry 10 Bq/L

This analysis requires special containers for collection and appropriate sampling methods. There are also specific requirements for Ontario drinking water. Please contact the laboratory at before collecting water samples.

Results are reported as of the time of collection.

Radiological Analysis: RADON

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